About Us

Charming Wood Home is based in Utah, USA, and was created on the idea of beautiful and unique products that tell the story of you and those you love. We hand design, draw, or paint all of the designs on our printed products. And we truly enjoy designing and thoughtfully curating products that we think will bring charm into your home.


Meet Alex and Sam

Our first apartment was very cozy at less than 300 square feet, and we couldn’t have been any more excited to adorn the walls with items that mattered to us. I wanted every guest to feel welcome and get little glimpses into us. We received one of my most-prized possessions as a wedding gift, a bright blue Kitchenaid that has since made (what seems like) infinite amounts of cinnamon rolls. And that bright, baby blue Kitchenaid had inspired the entire theme of our kitchen. In those little moments of making little spaces tell stories, memories were created and ideas were born.


My sweet husband, Alex, has always encouraged me to follow what truly makes my heart happy. We first began as wedding photographers, traveling every weekend became our mantra. As time wore on, we became homebodies that adored little moments created in our home together. As we continued to add charm into our own home, we decided we wanted to help others turn their houses into homes too.


We created Charming Wood Home as a place that would create items to uplift, motivate, and inspire more moments surrounded by those we truly love. And we truly believe that any space can be created to feel like home. Get to know us even more and see behind the scenes on our Instagram @CharmingWoodHome


-Samantha and Alex